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European Days
& Euro mediterranean Observatory

For over 20 years, the EASTR organizes annual meetings, "STRs European Days" or "Euro-Mediterranean Observatory of public territorial action" which have gathered about 3000 State territorial representatives - prefects, governors, Regierungspräsident , voïvodes or commissioners in 40 different European cities, through 20 countries. The European Days focus on the exchange of experience and professional best practices. The Observatory for its part seeks to promote better coordination of public and private actors for the development of territories. 

02 May 2024 to 05 May 2024

"Management of the natural disasters by the State Territorial Representatives"

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Profession STR. The survey realized with all the EASTR member countries in spring 2015 and published on the occasion of the 22nd European Days in Istanbul provides an exceptionally full and comprehensive look on the STR’s function in Europe.

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All you ever wanted to know about the STRs : how are they appointed, what are their powers, their skills...