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The EMA has not concluded a link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots - Norway

Published : April 6, 2021


There is still no conclusion whether there is a connection between the vaccine AstraZeneca and rare blood clots, reports the European Medicines Agency EMA.

Steinar Madsen at the Norwegian Medicines Agency says that the Norwegian Medicines Agency believes that there is a probable connection with AstraZeneca's vaccine and serious side effects.

The head of vaccination at the EMA said earlier today that there is a clear connection between the vaccine AstraZeneca and several serious cases of blood clots.

The information was widely covered in Europe, also by NRK.

This afternoon, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) provided new information, announcing that a preliminary conclusion will not be reached until Wednesday or Thursday. 

Steinar Madsen, Director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency, says that the view of the vaccine manager about a connection has been Norway's point of view for a long time.

- This coincides with our point of view, he says. - We have said that there is a probable connection with vaccination with AstraZeneca's vaccine and serious side effects for a long time.

During this week, there will be a statement from the so-called Side effects committee at the EMA.

- We took the dissent during the last meeting of the committee because we thought there was a link, says Madsen.

According to Madsen, this makes top priority in the side effects committee.


120,000 people vaccinated with AstraZeneca in Norway


- The combinations we have described are a completely unusual disease picture. The reactions are low platelet counts, blood clots and bleeding. And these cases have occurred from seven to fourteen days after the vaccination, Madsen says.

Around 120,000 people have been vaccinated in Norway with the AstraZeneca vaccine. These have received one dose and were scheduled to receive second dose after 12 weeks, to be fully vaccinated.

After several reports of possible serious side effects, Norway stopped vaccination with AstraZeneca.

Five patients have previously been reported with the combination of blood clots, bleeding and low platelet counts admitted to Oslo University Hospital (OUS). Three of these patients died. There is an investigation now whether this may be related to the AstraZeneca vaccine or not.

A number of countries have temporarily stopped the use of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) after uncertainty arose of discussion about connection with blood clots.

Many countries have used the vaccine again, but in some places it is only given to the elderly people. Norway has not yet started using AstraZeneca's vaccine again.


Source : https://www.nrk.no/norge/ema-har-ikke-konkludert-med-sammenheng-mellom-a...

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