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Example from Sweden – temporary test booth in the city district of Rosengård in Malmö

Photo : The County Administrative Board of Skåne's social and health communicators Ahmadullah Turab, Zahra Abdi and Alkhatib Hala help to provide information at the test booth. 


A temporary test booth outside Kryddgården’s health center in Malmö opened recently. The background to the test booth is figures which shows that residents in the area do not test themselves to the same extent as residents in other districts. 

Thanks to the test booth residents in the area can test themselves quickly and easily and get the test result directly as well as language-adapted information.

The test booth will be placed in Rosengård for at least six months or as long as needed. Test booths may also be established in other places in Skåne.

The test booth at Kryddgården is a collaboration between Region Skåne, the County Administrative Board of Skåne, the City of Malmö and local associations and organizations. 

On site of the test booth are also the County Administrative Board of Skåne's social and health communicators who speak Arabic, Somali and Dari.

Language-adapted information is important to reach the target group of newly arrived persons. The recommendation to get tested for the slightest symptoms is difficult to comply with if you do not know how to log in to the booking page on the internet to book a test at the health center. 

The drop-in testing booth for covid-19 at Kryddgården in Rosengård has turned out well. More and more people have found the new booth and 100 tests a day are now being carried out. Since the start of March, more than 1,000 people have been sampled in the temporary test booth outside Kryddgården's health center in Malmö.

Anyone who receives a positive result for covid-19 also undergoes an infection tracing interview together with a nurse.

There is also written information in different languages. One of the common questions that social and health communicators get is whether the test is valid as a travel certificate - which it isn’t.


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