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Focus on... M. Roland Berdoz, Prefect of Riviera-Pays d’Enhaut's district, Canton de Vaud Switzerland and EASTR's Board member

First Name : 


Name :   


Date of birth :

27 juin 1963

Function :  

Prefect of the Riviera- Pays d'Enhaut’s district Pays d’Enhaut, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland

EASTR’s member since…:

May 7th 2009 during the XVIth European Days in Stockholm, Sweden

School/academic career :

Certificate of studies in higher grades in 1979 at Château d’Oex
Federal certificate of capacity in the field of construction at Vevey in 1983
Federal Master degree ( Higher professional training) at Geneva in 1989
Expert course of final apprenticeship at Tolochenaz in 2005
Specific training in tenant law at Neuchâtel’s University in 2011

Your professional career:

- Project manager, holder of the procuration and manager of a branch with 25 employees in the field of architecture and construction at Château-d’Oex and Gstaad until 2006

- Deputy prefect of the Pays d’Enhaut and Vevey’s districts from 2006 and 2008

- Prefect of the Riviera district- Pays d’Enhaut in 2008

- President of the Haefeli- Maylan’s foundation Board at Corseaux in 2006 (Activity linked to the Prefect function.)

- State representative of Etat de Vaud within the Board meeting of SATOM SA’s company in Monthey (Activity linked to the Prefect function.)

- State representative of Etat de Vaud within the Board meeting of the Montreux-Vevey-Riviera (MVR)’s transportation society. (Activity linked to the Prefect function.)

- EASTR’s board member since October 31st 2015.

How do you see your professional career until now?

The statute change of  a CEO who becomes a magistrate may be atypical for several STRs but the experience acquired in the private economy for more than 25 years is, to be sure very useful to understand our society and to serve it as best. As a consequence, I am very satisfied of my career which I would like to add a better knowledge of the foreign languages.

How did you know the EASTR?

By an information transmited to the whole vaudois prefects by Ms Pierrette Roulet-Grin, EASTR’s member of honor, whereas she was still a board member.

What is the epic event of your career?

My nomination as Prefect by the Canton de Vaud’s Council of State

Could you describe a typical day within your territory/organization? 

It always start by a contact with each collaborator, continues with the interception of mail, the preparation of the answers for them, the fine repression, the preparation of criminal hearings or conciliation in tenancy matters, the presidency of hearings, the wording of recitals or minutes. It continues regularly during the evening by official representations or working and information sessions with the local authorities.

What are your hobbies?

Walking, skiing, music, reading. 



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