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Focus on... M. Wim van de DONK - King's Commissioner, Province of Noord Brabant and EASTR's president


First Name :

Wim B.H.J.

Name :


Date of birth :

17 05 1962


King’s Commissioner in the Province of Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands)

EASTR’s member since…:


School/academic career :

MA Political Science Radboud University Nijmegen (cum laude) (1987)

PhD Tilburg University (cum laude) (1997)

Professor in Public Administration

Tilburg School for Public Administration (from 2000 - )


Your professional career:

Cabinet office, Ministry of Justice (1989-1993)

Professor of Public Administration (from 2000-) Tilburg University

Chair of the Scientific Council for Government Policies (2003-2009)

King’s Commissioner, Province of Noord-Brabant (from 2009- )

How do you see your professional career until now?

It has been an honor to serve academic research and to teach students, it is –even so- an honor to serve public administration and Noord-Brabant in particular. We should not overestimate the difference between sound thinking and academic research at the one hand, and government responsibilities, on the other.

How did you know the EASTR?

By a very friendly invitation from former Secretary General, mr. Thierry Aumonier.

What is the epic event of your career?

Too early to judge…..

Could you describe a typical day within your territory/organization

No, since there is not a day the same… please look at my website at http://commissaris.brabant.nl for a few pictures, and for www.brabant.nl for information about the province..

What are your hobbies?

Collecting fountain pens

Many thanks to M. Wim van de DONK and his team for their contribution to the interview



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