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Focus on... Our EASTR 2017-2016' President and host of the XXIVth European Days : Ms Terttu Savolainen, General Director, Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland

First Name : Terttu

Name : Savolainen

Date of birth : 13.11.1955


Function : Director General, Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland


EASTR’s member since…: 2010


School/academic career :

I graduated from the University of Tampere with a degree in Municipal Studies in 1984, and a Master of Science degree in Administrative Service, 2005.


Your professional career:

2016-2017 President of the European Association of State Territorial representatives, and Director General of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland since 2010. Prior to this I held several posts in Finnish ministries including State Secretary, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and Special Adviser, Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services.

I have been a member of various committees in Finland and abroad, my most recent appointment, in 2017, is as Chairperson of the Board for KELA, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. I have represented Finland at international conferences and meetings on matters related to health, safety and social affairs.


How do you see your professional career until now?

I have had a very interesting and challenging professional career in many administrative fields, including municipalities, politics, parliament, ministries, and regions.


How did you know the EASTR?

The Secretary of EASTR invited me to join when the former Board Member Eino Siuruainen retired. I became Finland’s representative, and have been delighted to be President this past year. I feel this organization is very useful for the work of STRs in Europe and provides an excellent platform for discussions and exchanging good practices.


What is the epic event of your career?

When I came to Oulu and took the responsibility for developing the common culture for cross-sectoral organizations as Director General, in the new organization of STRs. Currently the most significant challenge is to prepare for the health, social services and regional government reform.


Could you describe a typical day within your territory/organization? 

During the day, I may have meetings often via skype, correspond by email, discuss issues with civil servants, represent the organization at different events, and open seminars. About 30-40% of my work is external work with colleagues in other AVIs, ministries, regional organizations, the public sector, business associations, and municipalities.

Today, for example, in our client oriented project meeting, we went through how we will implement our client-oriented strategy, and how our digitalization processes are developing.

There are also some tasks with international partners - I recently led a delegation to the Republic of Karelia, in Russia, where we were discussing co-operation between our universities and chambers of commerce.


What are your hobbies?

I love to spend my time on golf courses, and visiting the theatre. I have three saunas, and am a member of the Finnish Sauna Society. There is nothing more relaxing than spending time at my summer cottage, enjoying smoke sauna and swimming in the river.

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