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Less people infected in Skåne, Sweden

Region Skåne is now seeing a clear decline in the number of infected people. Most positive is that the number of elderly people with covid-19 continues to decrease, as does the number of those infected in special housing. The spread of infection in Skåne continues to slow down and this applies to all age groups. It is particularly satisfying that the number of cases among the oldest is decreasing. Both in special housing and among the elderly who live at home.

The reduction in the spread of the infection is believed to have several causes. One of the explanations may be that Region Skåne now again recommends everyone who lives with people which have tested positive to covid-19 to get tested even if they are symptom-free. The reduced spread of the infection is also partly due to the fact that we have been helped to follow the stricter general guidelines and the recently established pandemic law. We have to continue to follow the guidelines, because even though it now looks a little brighter, we cannot relax. 

The current delivery plans for vaccines against covid-19 affect the vaccination rate in Region Skåne. The supply is still very limited. As soon as the major vaccine deliveries arrive, Region Skåne has the materials, staff and capacity to start vaccinating the public quickly and safely.

Mrs Anneli Hulthén

County Governor in Skåne, southern Sweden

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