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Letter to the EASTR regarding the COVID19 crisis from Mr. CADOT, Prefect of Île-de-France and President of the Association du Corps Préfectoral

Dear friends and colleagues,

The pandemic that we are experiencing today is an exceptional event comparable to war time. As always when our countries and fellow citizens are threatened, government representatives and officials face the crisis situation on the ground with composure, courage, and determination: your messages bear witness to this.

I want to pay tribute to the commitment of each of you in the fight to control this virus, in these times of uncertainty and high public expectations. Detailed knowledge of our territories and their populations, their geographical, sociological and economic characteristics and of their medical capacities, is key to the implementation of political decisions on a day-to-day basis. Tomorrow, we will also be on the front line to supervise the exit from lockdown and to rebuild the socio-economic fabric which will be lastingly affected by this unprecedented crisis.

It is precisely in these periods of crisis that our commitment to public service and the continuity of the State take on full meaning. Solidarity between nations and other actors in Europe during these times is very important. Our testimonies on shared difficulties are for each of us a valuable source of information, but also of comfort. I would like to take this opportunity to salute our Italian friends in particular those who we will be delighted to meet again in Florence. Their willingness to postpone and to immediately set a new date for the European Days meeting is a great lesson of responsiveness and hope for all of us.

This is also why the EASTR has been created: to bring comfort to its members in difficult times and support them during their missions.

Dear friends, I wish you all the necessary energy and courage to face this pandemic and its consequences in the weeks to come.

Best regards, and looking forward to meeting you all,


Michel Cadot,

Préfet d’Ile-de-France,

Président de l’Association du Corps Préfectoral


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