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Mr. Bedük Gave A Conference In The 107th Term District Governorship Course - Turkey

Saffet Arıkan Bedük, President of the Turkish Association of Governors, came together with our young colleagues at the District Governorship Course, which is the last stage of the District Governor's Candidacy. At the end of this course, among the 99 trainees, those who pass the interview exam will be appointed as district governor. The 1st Term District Governorship Course was held in 1942. In 2021, 107th Term District Governorship Course was organized. 

Mr. Bedük pointed out the place and importance of the governorships in the social structure and the governorships in a historical perspective. He mentioned about the educations he received. He touched upon the story of his encounter with the governorship profession during his military service. He told the interesting events he experienced during his duties as district governor and governor, based on his experience in the profession. He expressed his high-level duties in bureaucracy and his experiences.

On the other hand, he introduced the Turkish Association of Governors to our 107th Term colleagues in the context of national and international activities.

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