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NEWSLETTER 4/2023 from the Regional Administrative Agency of Northern Finland

Towards the new

Several reforms are underway in the state's regional administration, the preparation of which is intensive with the development of the new government program and operations. Our high-quality basic work continues alongside the reforms.

Preparations for the reform of the national regional administration started in the regional administrative agencies in September. In the reform of the regional administration, the state's licensing, guidance and control tasks are brought together in a new national agency and the Energy Centres. The aim of the reform is to strengthen and harmonize the licensing and control practice and to streamline processes and service regardless of the region. The main principles of the reform are outlined in the government program.

The legislative project to reform the state's regional administration is coordinated by the Ministry of Finance. Preparations are being made so that the reform will take place in 2026.

We are also currently preparing the new strategic period of our operations 2024–2027, which will be implemented as before together with regional administrative agencies and ely centers. The goal is to build an increasingly impressive and sustainable future together with customers and stakeholders, taking regional needs and conditions into account.

In the coming strategy period, our priorities include sustainable and clean transition, vitality, well-being and equality, as well as investments in preparedness and overall security. A good customer experience and digital and smooth processes create a strong foundation for our effective strategy - after all, we do our work for our customers.

We succeed in our work in the regions with the help of well-being personnel and functional cross-administrative cooperation. The future strategy document will also move us towards a new multidisciplinary agency - the key is to continue to secure a regional presence, multidisciplinary and decision-making based on regional expertise and networks.

Terttu Savolainen
chief director

A lively international period in our region

The current year has been a busy period in the international activities of the Regional Administrative Agency of Northern Finland. Cooperation guests have been received from the northern regions in Sweden and Norway, the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and Hainan in China.

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Familiarize yourself with occupational health and safety in an online course

With the course published on the state's online learning platform eOppiva, you can familiarize yourself with the basics of occupational health and safety at your own pace. The course is aimed at supervisors and occupational health and safety personnel and as a support for vocational education. The material was compiled in the area of responsibility for occupational health and safety of the Northern Finland Regional Administrative Agency.

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Two regulations for the welfare region of North Ostrobothnia

The Regional Administrative Agency of Northern Finland has made a decision that contains two regulations regarding the ward treatment of youth psychiatric patients in the Northern Ostrobothnia welfare area.

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A new register of supervisory authorities for service providers

The new Soteri register of supervisory authorities changes the licensing and registration practices of service providers. The changes concern private and public social and health care service providers, private early childhood education service providers, and self-employed health care workers. Soteri will be commissioned at the beginning of 2024.

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Supervised and supported meetings between children and guardians must be based on the law

The Regional Administration Agency and Valvira remind the welfare regions and the city of Helsinki that decisions about supervised meetings between children and parents are made in compliance with the legislation. According to the findings of the supervisory authorities, social workers may have decided on supervised visits between the child and his loved ones by applying the law incorrectly.

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The Regional Administrative Agency reimburses the costs of internships included in the social and health field

The education allowance related to social and health university degrees is applied for from the Regional Administrative Office of Southwest Finland and the State Office of Åland.

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The assessment table for the staffing needs of residential services for mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation has been updated

The indicative staffing needs assessment table for residential services for mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation has been updated. The update has taken into account the changes in the Social Welfare Act concerning housing services that came into force at the beginning of 2023. A separate guide has been published for applying the table.

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Visits to welfare areas begin - with the aim of preventing discomfort

The joint guidance and evaluation visits of regional administrative agencies and Valvira to welfare areas, the HUS association and the city of Helsinki will begin at the end of August and continue until the beginning of 2024.

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Millions to be distributed from the 2023 training event

The regional administrative agencies will organize a nationwide information event on the Finnish model of state aid activities for the youth, sports and library industries and hobbies on Wednesday 1 November 2023 from 9:00 a.m.

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Overall security – civil preparedness – civil protection

In addition to a credible defense capability, Finland needs the ability to effectively protect the civilian population. A credible civil defense system is part of Finland's credible defense.

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