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Newsletter of Territorial Administration


France modifies the territorial structure of local governments

The 27 January 2014 law of modernization of territorial public action and of assertion of the metropolises has provided a framework for the will of the French Government to establish local governance structures of a new type, which will cover a total area hosting nearly a quarter of the French population. This reform is based on the concept of metropolis and strives to exceed the crumbled character of the territorial structure of local governments in France by organizing sets of more than 400 000 inhabitants, the Paris region being subject to individual treatment (creation of the Greater Paris metropolis on January 1st 2016).

This reform which should be achieved through the creation of a little less than fifteen metropolises will come along with a reduction in the number of French regions (currently 22 apart outermost regions) and by changes in departmental authorities, whose number and qualifications should decrease.

Of course, this evolution of the map of local authorities and of their competences will induce an adaptation of the State territorial administration and of the procedures for exercising the missions of the STRs.



The French Ministry of the Interior is implementing a program

"SILVER" to value "career ends"

In January 2015, the French Ministry of the Interior will provide 10 volunteers executives a program of support for the research of management or external high-level jobs.

Its Centre for Advanced Studies, the CHEMI is mandated to conduct the SILVER program for the valuation of the "career ends" of executives who have a personal project and need support to achieve it. A SILVER space of 130 m2 is created on the campus of CHEMI.

The extension of the professional life of the senior executives engenders for an increasing number of prefects, generals of Gendarmerie, controllers and general inspectors of the national police and experts, a period of end of career during which their skills are less well used by the State.

The SILVER program will be based on an individualized approach of help to the participants’ projects, including 12 upgrade seminars, support for the prospection of positions in the field of associations, local authorities, foundations, international organizations and public and private enterprises.

A special feature of this program will be to invest heavily in the training of the 55-62 years old and to foster long-term immersion courses in private enterprises or social or international organizations.

The site "allchemi.eu" allows having information on this service.



Alain Larangé, Administration General Inspector, Ministry of the Interior- France             18 November 2014



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