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Outstanding service and success award to president Bedük - Turkey

ASTOP Ankara Non-Governmental Organizations Platform Outstanding Service and Achievement Award has been presented to the Distinguished President Mr. Saffet Arıkan BEDÜK on behalf of the Turkish Association of Governors by ASTOP Founding President and TÜSİAV Chairman of the Board of Directors Veli SARITOPRAK together with FER BAL Chairman of the Board Mr. Selçuk SOLMAZ, TÜSİAV Platforms Coordinator , Head of the Law Platform, Mr. Atty. Celalettin SOLMAZ, President of TÜSİAV Efficiency Platform, Mr. Kutlu TAMAY. 

Established in 2005, ASTOP (Ankara Non-Governmental Organizations Platform) continues its activities with 22 strong and leading non-governmental organizations in Ankara as of 2021, under the leadership of Veli SARITOPRAK, Founder and Honorary President.

In the speeches made, it was emphasized that the projects initiated by the President BEDÜK during his duty as Ankara Governor provided very important developments for Ankara. It was stated that he was deemed worthy of this award, especially due to his successful collaborations with civil society and his successful services during his term as the President of the Turkish Association of Governors.

Stating that this award is very meaningful to him, Mr.BEDÜK said that he was honored to be deemed worthy of this award. He thanked all non-governmental organizations in the management of ASTOP who signed the award, especially Mr. SARITOPRAK.

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