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The reorganization of the Italian Ministry of Interior

The organizational framework of the Italian Ministry of the Interior has recently been modified. The reformation aimed at creating more flexible and up-to-date structures, able to give efficient answers to daily administrative challenges. 

The reorganization – introduced by the Decrees of 23 July 2020 and of 5 November 2020 - concerned both central and local offices.

In particular, the reformation project involved a deep review of Prefectures’ staffing plans, in order to adapt the local structures to the changes occurred in the social and economic context and to strengthen the body of some crucial unities. 

In fact, the innovation plan took into consideration the increased attention paid by the Prefectures to some important and delicate fields: public order and security (with particular attention to infiltrations of organized crime in territorial administrations and in the local economic framework), the migratory phenomenon (particularly complex in border areas and landing places), civil protection (especially in the fields of seismic vulnerability, of hydrogeological instability and of factories at major accident risk) and the management of social conflicts.

The most important change in the Prefectures’ structure was the increased number of “staff offices”. This choice was due to the purpose to achieve a closer connection among the various administrative units involved in similar matters, in order to give the general structures more flexibility and to support the Prefects’ decisions in a more efficient way.

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