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Study from Fondation Schuman- How can we make Europe popular again? By M. Jean-Claude Piris, Former General Manager of the Legal Services of the Council, member of the Robert Schuman Foundation's Scientific Committee.

How can we make Europe popular again?

You can download the document here : 

PDF icongb-_how_can_we_make_europe_popular_again.pdf

Summary : 

On 23rd June 2016 the British electorate, consulted by referendum, voted in favour of their countrys withdrawal from the European Union. The letter by which the government could declare its intention to leave the EU according to article 50(2) of the Treaty on the EU (TEU)[1] has not yet been notified to Brussels. Contrary to expectation on the part of some media, especially in the UK, the result did not immediately lead to contagion in other EU member States. It has been quite the opposite, as polls undertaken since the referendum have shown some increase in the public opinions attachment to the EU. No Member State is planning to leave the Union either in the short or mid-term. The difficulties that have started to emerge for the government and economic operators in the UK, whilst no one yet knows whether or when the country will leave the Union, is an incentive for the 27 to close rank.




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